Family of teenager who was shot shares message


RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA) — The family of a teenager who was shot Thursday afternoon is struggling to cope with what happened, especially since police don’t know who fired the gun.

Rantoul Police are investigating after someone shot a 17-year-old around 3:45 pm in the neighborhood of Autumn Fields Lane. Nobody has been arrested yet. Officials spent the afternoon talking to witnesses as they try to figure out who did this and why.

Raven Holt says her nephew, Steven Anderson, was the victim. She says, “There were at least ten or twelve kids standing out here in front of my dad’s car with the window rolled down. They were screaming at him telling him to move old man. They aimed the gun at my nephew.”

The trigger was pulled and Anderson was shot outside his family’s house as he was getting in the car to go to work. The bullet hit his shoulder. Holt says, “The only thing going through my mind was if he was going to die or if he would make it.”

He is expected to be ok. Witnesses told police a boy outside his house made an unprovoked comment to Anderson and then fired three shots at him.
Then the group of kids ran away to the north of the neighborhood.

This happened in an area surrounded by houses filled with families. Debra Wenrick lives right down the street. She says, “It’s rough out here. This neighborhoods is one of the roughest neighborhoods in Ratoul.”

Her kids were sitting outside doing homework when the shooting happened. It’s making her even more cautious than she was before. She says, “I stay secluded in my house. It’s getting to where we don’t want to leave our house anymore. My girls wonder why I don’t let them go out.”

Anderson’s family wants others to learn from what happened to him. Holt says, “Talk to your kids. Tell them that gun violence has to stop. Go to school, graduate, be something successful and respectful. These parents need to do something with their kids, guide them in the right way.”

If you know anything about what happened, please call Rantoul Police at (217) 893-5600

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