Ex-girlfriend of man arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor speaks out


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The ex-girlfriend of a man arrested for sexual exploitation of child is speaking about their relationship. Calee Holbert used to date 25-year-old Cole Montgomery of Danville. He was arrested along with 14 other men in Bradley earlier this week.

FBI agents had been posing as minors online wanting to meet and have sex with other minors. The agents arranged to meet with the minors at an address in Bradley. When the men got there, they were arrested.

Holbert says she didn’t know about this case when she was dating Montgomery. However, she said she knew he had been charged with molesting a 12-year-old girl a year ago. She didn’t know what county he was arrested in for that. We looked into it, but couldn’t find any record of this case.

However, after that case wrapped up, Holbert said Montgomery told her he wasn’t doing that anymore and regretted it. Still, she was uncomfortable with the idea of him being around her three children. She says she broke up with him because of that, and because he was physically and verbally abusive.

“I’m glad me and him are not together, but I’m irritated with him because he went and lied to me. I told him, ‘Be honest with me from the beginning,’ and he said he was, and then this story came up,” said Holbert.

If convicted, Montgomery could face up to 30 years behind bars. All of the men arrested are from central Illinois. Montgomery is from Danville. Another is from Buckley, and another from Paxton. The defendants charged in this operation with attempted enticement of a minor are:

  • Joshua T. Koenig, 27, of Buckley
  • Jody L. Lagesse, 45, of Kankakee
  • Shane R. Ferris, 23,of Bourbonnais
  • Nick Vincent Senor, 25, of Kankakee
  • Dale Martin Alvin Scering, 26, of Bradley
  • Robert Shawn Anderson, 50, of Paxton
  • Bryan Rossi, 29, of Park Forest
  • Timothy Lyle Dean, 37, of Bourbonnais

The defendants charged in this operation with attempted enticement of a minor and attempted sexual exploitation of a child are:

  • Matthew T. Gribbon, 48, of Kankakee
  • Ryan I. Woodruff, 21, of Kankakee
  • Anmol Chugh, 28, of Saint Anne
  • Kyren Williams, 30, of Kankakee
  • Cole Montgomery, 25, of Danville
  • Joseph Adam Longanecker, 40, of Manteno
  • Jazzie Simmons, 28, of Kankakee

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