EMT helps woman deliver baby in home


TOLONO, Ill. (WCIA) — A women went into labor, but didn’t have time to make it to the hospital. So an EMT helped to deliver the baby in her home. 

In less than an hour Hayley Burkert was able to give birth to a healthy girl. Her delivery was everything but what she anticipated. At 5:00 am Wednesday morning she started getting contractions. Her husband, Chris Burkert said, “We made the decision to call 911 because her water was starting to break and the baby was coming.” 

They had no time to lose. Hayley said, “It was getting worse, we weren’t going to get to the hospital.” Chris started helping to deliver the baby in their home as they waited for emergency responders to get there. He said, “The baby’s head was coming out. Quinn was making her appearance and I obviously didn’t know what to do.” 

Minutes later, a Tolono Fire Department EMT got to their house and took over the delivery.  Karla Orwick said, “We went into the kitchen, mom was there, and baby was definitely coming.” It was Orwick’s first time delivering a baby. 

Chris said, “Karla took her head from me and easily got the umbilical chord off her neck. One more push and she was out in my kitchen.” 

“We got her going with her breathing and she was alert, her eyes were wide open which was super cute” said Orwick.

The Burkerts welcomed Quinn to the world. Hayley said, “It was a little scary. This was not my plan. I had no intention of delivering at home because that made me nervous. What if something went wrong?”

But it went just right. Baby Quinn was checked out at the hospital, perfectly healthy, and given the all clear to be brought home. 

Her 3-year-old brother slept through the entire birth in their home. He was introduced to his little sister for the first time tonight.  

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