Domestic violence service reminding people that help is available during pandemic


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)- This month is domestic violence awareness month and Courage connection in Urbana wants to remind people of their resources. Courage connection CEO Elizabeth Mcgreal Cook wants people to know the different types of domestic abuse. “There’s Domestic abuse and violence can take on many forms, obviously physical abuse which is something that most of us are aware of but also verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and even spiritual abuse”. The shelter has seen an increase in victims looking for help, and court advocate Bryce Decker says Covid plays a role. “Before Covid, they had their own strategies of staying safe but now with stay at home orders and trying to stay away from people that limits their options of being safe so they’re reaching out to more formal areas of help”.

Some of their other resources include emergency shelter, counseling, and legal guidance, said Decker. Legal help can offer a sense of comfort when facing an abuser. “People that commit this kind of abuse do not stop because they’re in the courthouse, they try to intimidate and try to scare somebody away so we can kind of shield them from that”. Last year they helped one thousand people, and the feedback from some remind her why she does this kind of work. “The clerk said I’m healthy and my family’s healthy and I’m so grateful for that support, so you do definitely see people reaching out to you within the community”, said Cook. For more information on the shelter you can go their website.

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