Dispensary might soon sell recreational marijuana


EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — The Clinic Effingham is one step closer to being able to sell recreational marijuana.

Right now it’s solely a medicinal dispensary but they’re requesting a special use permit to expand now that adult use of recreational marijuana is legal.

On Tuesday night, the city plan commission held a public hearing to get people’s input on this. After listening to people’s objections and support for the proposal, the plan commission voted to recommend granting the special use permit to the full city council. At the next meeting on Tuesday January 21, city council will make the final decision.

This special use permit would allow The Clinic Effingham to renovate part of the current building to sell recreational marijuana as well. There were only a few who showed up to Tuesday night’s public hearing.

A representative of the business spoke saying he believed the addition to the dispensary would bring in more foot traffic and generate more sales for other businesses as well. But there were also some who spoke up in opposition to this.

Bryan Newswander said, “I think it’s a bad experiment right now that doesn’t need to be allowed with our residents so i’m just asking you to consider what good comes from giving this special permit.”

Cindy Vogel with the plan commission said, “To answer your question if we need it, it’s all about the money. Let’s be honest, it’s going to bring in revenue and that’s what they’re looking at.”

The public works engineer said he did not think this rezoning of the dispensary would have a negative impact on the surrounding businesses in the area.

A representative of The Clinic Effingham says it hopes to start selling recreational marijuana by the end of January, if it’s approved by city council.

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