Deadly crash: a reminder of “Move Over” law


ARGENTA, Ill. (WCIA) — A terrible scene that shut down the interstate for nine hours. Tonight we’re hearing from one of the first people to respond to a deadly crash that killed 32-year-old Eric Ervin of Decatur and hurt two others.

It happened on I-72 near Argenta. Ervin was pulled over on the side of the road when he was hit. He was fixing another man’s broken-down truck. Ervin’s car was also parked along the interstate during that process.

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday, another semi ran into both of them. The driver who hit them was a man from Springfield. He was seriously hurt. The man whose truck Ervin was working on was also taken to the hospital. Argenta Fire Chief Kurt Michener was the first from his department to get there. He says this crash is a reminder of the importance of the “Move Over” law.

“It’s just actually ridiculous that somebody can’t take 15 or 30 seconds out of their day just to pull over and slow down to a reasonable speed just to save somebody’s life. I mean, it happens every day in this state, that people are just in too big a hurry and can’t get over,” said Michener.

The driver who caused the crash was ticketed for failing to yield to a stopped car and for not slowing down to avoid a crash. That section of I-72 was closed for about nine hours while police were investigating. It re-opened around 6:30 Thursday.

Scott’s Law, Or the “Move Over” law requires drivers to give enough space between them and someone who’s pulled over. That means, if you see someone on the side of the road, switch to a different lane if you can and slow down to a safe speed. A good rule of thumb is to drive the same speed you’d want someone else to use if they were passing you.

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