Cyclist concerned about drivers speeding, passing too close


GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — One central Illinois woman is worried about how people are driving around cyclists. Kim Clippinger has been biking regularly for about a year. She does it as a way to exercise. Other people cycle out of necessity. No matter the reason, Clippinger says, you should never have to be fear for your life when you do it. “Just the other day, three different cars I encountered, I almost got hit,” she explained. That’s not the first close call she’s had. That’s why she’s trying to get the word out to remind people to watch out.

“Pay attention. I mean, that’s ultimately what it comes down to is just pay attention. Get off the phone, pay attention to just, your surroundings.” For her, drivers should do more than keep an eye out. They should pass carefully. “It’s simple. Slow down and move over. You slow down and move over for someone walking. You slow down and move over for stopped vehicles, it’s really no different.”

One of the biggest spots for speeders is on West West street, as you head out of town.

“It’s these country roads, and if it was like a farm implement or something, I could understand not being able to get out of the way, but people just blow by.”

Clippinger feels drivers should also take time to educate themselves.

“I don’t think that they realize that cyclists have the same rules of the road as a vehicle. If I didn’t want to get over to let a car get by, I could ride right in the middle of the road just like a vehicle.”

Georgetown police officers welcome people to report any concerns with speeding. They don’t always answer their non-emergency line, but they have a 24-hour number people can contact. That number is (217) 442-0153.

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