Concern raised over treatment of rabbits for sale at local Rural King


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — One woman is worried about the way a local store is caring for the animals they sell. Savanna Chapman says she went to Rural King in Champaign yesterday and says it looked like a rabbit was dead in one of the cages. Not only that, but she says the cage looked over-crowded, with about five or six rabbits in a small cage. Chapman says the conditions they were in looked dirty, and there was no hay for them to eat.

“They had wire flooring, which is terrible for their feet. They get something called sore hocks, which is where they get really raw and cuts on the bottom of their feet, which can then get infected, and it’s just really uncomfortable for them,” said Savanna Chapman.

Chapman is a rabbit owner herself. She feels the animals are misunderstood and that more should be done to educate people about proper care. She brought the issue to the Department Agriculture as well as Rural King’s corporate office.

We called Champaign County Animal Control. They also told us the Department of Agriculture is handling the situation. We reached out to them but didn’t hear back. We also haven’t heard back from Rural King’s communication office.

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