Clean up continues


CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Crews are continuing to clean up after Monday’s snowy weather led to an icy Tuesday.

Towing companies say they are still removing cars and trucks from ditches, an effort complicated by the extreme cold.

“Seemed like we were never going to get caught up,” Taylor Feldkamp, the owner of Feldkamp’s Towing, said. “Once they’re in the ditch for 10-12 hours or the next day, the wind and the air freeze it to the ground, the wheels get locked up and it gets a little more difficult.”

Feldkamp estimates his crews have towed roughly 100 cars and trucks since Sunday night. They have been working around the clock and the lot is overflowing with vehicles.

Feldkamp says they normally don’t begin getting this busy so early in November. He has a reminder for drivers.

“Make sure your tires are good, make sure you have fuel treatment, make sure you have airline treatment and make sure you have a good battery in your vehicle,” Feldkamp said.

Meanwhile, as school districts that cancelled classes or bus routes resume normal operations on Wednesday, some officials say they are learning from this week.

Rural bus routes in Champaign were cancelled on Tuesday, but the school district didn’t clarify it had also cancelled afternoon drop offs on the rural routes. School policy states if the morning bus routes are cancelled, that will automatically translate to afternoon routes as well. The district’s chief communication officer apologized for the miscommunication.

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