City leaders seek answers surrounding marijuana dispensary


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — City leaders are trying to clear up some confusion involving the new marijuana dispensary. Right now, that Sunnyside location only sells recreational marijuana. Several aldermen say they thought Sunnyside planned to be licensed for both medical and recreational marijuana. Some say they would not have supported its special use permit if they’d known the truth.

A spokesperson says Danville’s Sunnyside location never planned to include medical marijuana sales. They say that’s because, when recreational marijuana was legalized in the state, all of the current medical marijuana dispensaries were able to add recreational onto their sales. However, no new medical marijuana licenses were allowed. That’s why Sunnyside in Danville didn’t get one.

“We’re certainly working to clear up those lines of communication and make it understood that it was never our intention to open up a medical dispensary there as the state law doesn’t provide for it. So we’re working very hard to make sure that message is heard loud and clear,” explained Sunnyside Chief Communications Officer Jason Erkes.

People who need marijuana for medical reasons can still buy it at Danville’s Sunnyside, but they won’t get the same benefits. For example, medical marijuana patients have a lower tax rate, but they will be charged the same as recreational customers if they buy in Danville.

City leaders and Sunnyside representatives will be meeting to clear up confusion. They have a phone call with the city’s legal team tomorrow morning to start that process.

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