Church opens back up after years of having previous building torn down


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- Apostolic faith church is opening its own doors again for the first time in three years. Lottie Giboney founded the church back in 1975 and says she’s seen the impact the church has had on the community. “I believe we helped a lot of people in that area and it wasn’t as much shooting going on there as it is now and the church was open, so the people could come in and pray.”, said Giboney.

Lottie has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years and she’s seen the changes area has gone through and says help doesn’t only come from within. “It’s not about inside the building its about outside the building, get outside the church buildings and reach the people that’s how we’re going to reach them”. Pastor Michael Giboney has been a part of the church since his mother founded it, he says even though time passed they didn’t give up because of they need to serve. “I believe its up the church community to try to reach out help one help another eventually help everyone”, said Giboney. Some of the ways they’re hoping to help is by starting up a food pantry and outreach programs for the community

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