Church gets steeple after lightening strike causes repairs


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)- Living Hope Church in Urbana is welcoming a new steeple. Lightning struck the church in 2019 and left them with many damages. One of those damages, a destroyed steeple and 600,000 worth of repairs for the building. After this, Covid hit, so the congregation hasn’t been able to have in person sessions in a little over a year. Pastor Michal Elmore says they were recently able to hold a few services. “We were out of the building for a little over a year about the time of the lightning strike, and only recently have we gotten back into the building, and we’re excited to do that,” said Elmore.

They’ve added a few things from before like TVs and carpet replacements, but having the steeple back brings back a part of the community. “It has been a landmark in the community in Urbana for many many years. The church has been here since the early 1970s, and people have often looked to and referred to it, so it’s part of people feeling at home”, said Elmore. Chris Volholten was the previous pastor for 14 years but said this is a new beginning. “It’s like a puzzle it looked like a mess at first, but then piece by piece is going back together, and we’re ready to get a fresh start.” The church is located at 2101 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61802.

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