Central Illinois nurse back on frontlines


MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — A nurse from central Illinois is back in New York for the second time to treat COVID-19 patients. She was there for 2 weeks last time and will now be there until June.

After returning to visit family, Mahomet resident and Urbana nurse Victoria Eades is back in New York. That state has the most cases of COVID-19 in the country, with more than 340,000 confirmed. Eades is working in a hospital’s ICU where 19 of the 20 patients on her floor have tested positive.

“I’m watching people die every day. I’m mentally physically and emotionally exhausted,” Eades explained. She feels the reality in New York should be a reminder to everyone how serious this is.

For anyone working on the frontlines, they’re experiencing changes to every aspect of their life, including long delays on something as simple as grocery shopping.

“Everywhere you go has a line that’s just massive, and all the extra measures they’re taking,” but Eades says those extra measures are necessary. “You think it’s not gonna happen to you, but it doesn’t discriminate, and there are kids dying here.”

In just the three weeks she’s been there, Eades has lost 16 patients. While that has taken a toll on her, she says she knows it’s her calling to help.

“It’s just nice to be here in somebody’s darkest moments.”

Eades says they’re nervous for a possible upcoming rise in cases. That’s because New York is re-opening non-essential businesses and New Jersey is reopening beaches with restrictions.

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