Blue light movement gaining traction


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Dozens of people are joining the fight against the gun violence, and they’re doing it in a somewhat “seasonal” way.

They’re putting blue lights on their porches. It’s to let people know that the people living in those homes will report anything they see to police. The supporters say if it takes a village, that’s what they’ll deliver.

“It’s scary…. to be afraid of being shot at just for driving down the road,” said Crystal Webb, who rents in Danville.

What started as a tiny glow here and there is turning into a movement.

“We want people to know, if they cause trouble, we’re gonna call the police, and the police are gonna come and we have no problem running you right out of town,” said Webb.

These small blue bulbs might seem like a sign of the holiday, but they won’t be coming down in January.

“It’s just a show of support. I just think… it’ll stand out from the normal porch light, and maybe it’ll make them think twice about comin’ to the neighborhood with some trouble,” said Kristina Dixon.

The effort started in Danville, but supporters say it’s spreading to the entire county.

“It’s not just the blue light. It’s see something, say something. It’s be observant of what’s going on around you,” said Dixon.

A week of gun violence has Dante Dellamore determined to do something. His house was hit by a stray bullet five blocks away during the shooting in the 1100 block of Harmon Street.

“This was like ‘pop pop pop,’ and then right after we heard that, we heard what sounded like a baseball bat just hitting the side of the house,” said Dellamore.

He’s having trouble shaking the thought of what could have happened.

“I can still see the bullet upstairs. The hole, which is head-level to my children, right where they plugged in their tablets,” said Dellamore. “It’s a good neighborhood… was a good neighborhood, but… it is what it is.”

Whether it’s a blue light or word of mouth, all of these people agree, that the violence won’t stop unless someone steps up.

“It would be nice to hopefully maybe somebody would see their own children in that situation, and maybe somebody will say something,” said Dellamore.

Police have not made arrests in either of the shootings from this week. If you have any information on either shooting – call police.

The same group campaigning for blue lights is called Concerned Citizens of Danville. This Sunday they’ll be knocking on doors in the area of Harmon and Grant streets around noon. That’s where a lot of this violence is happening. They’ll be asking people to put up blue lights.

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