Bagged meters cause frustration


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Some of you have posted on social media saying you’re frustrated with how many parking meters are bagged on campus. It’s hard to drive on campus without seeing some of them. The bags say you’ll be towed if you park there. Some students say they’ve just stopped driving to campus at all because of the frustration. Others say they have a reserved parking space, so they aren’t affected by the issue.

U of I spokesperson Robin Kaler says the parking meters are bagged for a variety of reasons and construction is only one of them. MCORE projects starting in 2017 are still working their way across campus. Some drivers say they have to come to campus a half hour early to find a spot.

“Compared to a few years ago when I used to be here, there’s a lot more bags right now, so it’s a huge inconvenience because sometimes I wanna park, but the whole side of the street will be covered in bags,” said driver Albert Yu.

Construction is not the only culprit for these bags. Any person or department is able to reserve a spot. We also asked for the number of spots that are bagged right now, but the university says it’s different every day. Some days there are only a couple dozen, but for big events like homecoming or commencement, there may be closer to one hundred.

MCORE is in its 4th phase of construction. That’s for Armory Avenue and Wright Street. That project is expected to be finished sometime next year. The plan is to finish the 5th phase in 2020. That will cover Green Street between Busey and Race Street.

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