Face of the Race: Stephanie’s Story

Illinois Marathon

There isn’t much that stops Stephanie Duncan from running, not rain or snow, or any other setbacks. It’s the reason that she didn’t let having a stroke at age 29 stop her from continuing her passion.

“To me, it symbolizes when I cross that finish line that it symbolizes me taking back control of my life.” Says Duncan

In May of 2015, Duncan experienced a severe headache that would not go away. When she went to the emergency room, it was discovered that she had an eight ounce blood clot in her brain, which led to her having a stroke. For her, the news was shocking.

“It’s still mind-blowing to say at 29 I had a stroke..It’s amazing to be able to share the story and say I survived it.” Says Duncan.

Duncan endured months of difficult recovery, at first relying on a walker in order to get around. However, after several months, she was thrilled when doctors gave her the OK to once again begin running. Doctors had told Duncan that her strong state of fitness as a result of running likely contributed to her life being saved. It is something that gave her even more motivation to keep at it.

Saturday, Duncan will run in the Christie Clinic Illinois Half-Marathon and will be cheered on by friends and family. 

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