SPRINGFIELD, IL. (NEXSTAR) — A new WCIA, The Hill and Emerson College Polling poll shows Governor Pritzker has a 15-point lead over his Republican opponent Darren Bailey, but if you dig deeper, the numbers show even deeper problems for the Bailey campaign.

“I think the news that comes out of that poll is that Illinois can see the leadership that JB Pritzker has brought to our state and what our administration has done to lift up working families all across our state,” Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton said.

Since the primary, one of Bailey’s top issues on the campaign trail has been crime. Republicans up and down the ticket continue to focus on the state’s Safe-T Act, which eliminates Cash Bail on Jan. 1st.

But only 10% of voters chose crime as their most important issue this election cycle. Ahead of crime were the economy (35%), threats to democracy (17%) and abortion (14%).

“That means that the campaign that Bailey has been running in terms of content and where he’s directing it doesn’t seem to have been very effective so far,” Kent Redfield, Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois-Springfield, said.

Pritzker has positioned Bailey as a far-right extremist all election season, labelling him and the larger far-right Republican movement as a threat to democracy. Pritzker has also made reproductive rights the center piece of his campaign. The numbers show that is paying off. The large majority of the people who chose those as their top issues are voting for Pritzker.

The poll showed 58 percent of people who care most about crime are voting for Bailey — a far cry from the 90% of people who chose abortion that support Pritzker.

“So we talked about crime as an issue and the Republicans might win that issue 60-40,” Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, said. “So for six voters will vote for the Republican, four will vote for the Democrat. On the issue of abortion access is no question where they’re going. They’re voting for the Democrats.”

Bailey does hold an edge when it comes to voters who care most about the economy. Fifty seven percent of those who chose the economy say they support Bailey.

Experts are pointing to the geographical breakdown of these results as a good sign for Pritzker. He is controlling the coveted Chicago suburbs. The collar counties have become a crucial swing region in Illinois elections.

“The fact that the governor is running way ahead in terms of, you know, the Chicago, suburban-Cook kind of vote, and he’s ahead comfortably in the suburbs, really, you know, outweighs the the margin that Darren Bailey has downstate,” Redfield said. “So that’s, again, that’s to be expected in terms of kind of what the normal vote would look like.”

Pritzker’s lead can be largely attributed to his popularity — and Bailey’s struggles — among women voters. While 55 percent of women polled say they will vote for Pritzker, only 30 percent say they will support Bailey.

“I think that we’re doing a great job of focusing on the issues that are most important to women across the state protecting their reproductive rights, making sure that they get equal pay for equal work,” Pritzker said. “I’ve have an administration that has more women in top positions than any other administration in the history of the state of Illinois.”

Bailey’s campaign outright rejected the results of this poll, saying in a statement, “J.B. Pritzker is desperate and spreading lies because he has failed Illinoisans as taxes have increased and public safety has diminished. Darren Bailey is focused on making Illinois safer and more affordable for everyone.”