SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR)– Governor Pritzker has called for renewable energy bills to pass this legislative session. Groups around Illinois are holding him to it.

Those advocating for clean energy said before lawmakers move toward 100 percent renewable energy, they need to fix the sources the state already has.

People who work in the solar industry said their jobs could be at risk if the state does not fix the current renewable energy policy.

Back in 2016, lawmakers passed the Future Energy Jobs Act. The bill was supposed to help developers install new solar and wind projects around the state but groups say the demand was high, there were not enough resources to actually get those projects up and running.

Now, advocates are asking lawmakers to pass a bill that didn’t got held up last year, saying this measure will create jobs and keep the state on the clean energy path.

“It would really build upon the momentum Illinois has in increasing renewable jobs and opportunity here in the state. We need additional funding to ensure that momentum keeps going,” said Nakhia Morrissette of the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The path to 100 proposal calls for more renewable energy credits. Those credits make the purchasing of energy technology possible.

School administrators are also calling for more credits as well as a better way for districts to apply for those credits but they are not backing any particular bill yet.