Educators, youth advocates support budget

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — If the graduated income tax proposal passes, Governor JB Pritzker has plans to help agencies dedicated to helping those who need it most. Local groups discuss what the upcoming year could mean for those they serve.

While many are awaiting the results of this year’s election to see what the budget means for them, groups dedicated to help young people in the state say they are standing behind the governor’s map for government funding.

“Well, overall I’m pleased that he is working to rebuild the Illinois Human Services Infrastructure after years of devastation and disinvestment.”

The governor wants to make sure kids in the care of the state are taken care of regardless of what voters decide in November.

“One of the mortal tests of government is how we treat our most vulnerable. The funding needs of DCFS should transcend part and partisanship and be a cause that we can all rally around.”

The governor wants to increase the agency’s funding by $147 million to add more staff and better support the foster home program.

“Stabilizing our workforce will go a long way towards helping to reduce lengths of stay in the child welfare system, but overall, we want to look to see how do we rebuild the system, stabilize it and then create a more sustainable process so we don’t get into this cycle of crisis.”

But, extra money for education is on the line if voters don’t approve the graduated income tax. Some teachers say their field needs the state to say yes.

“I don’t think that we can have a situation where it doesn’t get passed. Listen, we need to reform our taxation system here in the state of Illinois where middle class Americans are paying more than they should.”

The governor continues to call on the state to become the best place in the country to raise a family, but opponents of the proposal say politicizing the budget only further drives people away from the state.

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