Bill could remove religion-based exemptions for vaccinations

Illinois Capitol News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A state lawmaker wants to make it mandatory for people to get their vaccinations, even if their religion forbids it.

It would cover all ages. It removes all exemptions based on religion for vaccinations.

Currently, students can bypass a school’s vaccination requirements if it is against their religion. However, that can open the door for those who are already vaccinated to still get sick.

Requiring vaccinations would help reach the threshold for diseases to really be contained. “Herd Immunity is not just that 90 percent of the community is immunized that they will be protected,” said Dr. Subhash Chaudhary, SIU Medicine Infectious Disease Physician. “But with diseases like measles, you have to have more than 95 percent of the population immunized if you are going to talk about Herd Immunity.” The bill would also allow kids 14 or older to get whatever vaccinations they want, without their parent or guardian’s permission.

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