OSF Healthcare ranked as one of the top employers for women


PEORIA, Ill. (WCIA) — A market study conducted by Forbes and research firm Statista ranked OSF Healthcare as one of the top employers for women.

It ranked 20th in the nation, and was the top healthcare provider listed in Illinois.

The study surveyed 45,000 women who work for businesses across 31 industries that employ more than 1,000 workers. It collected opinions on a series of statements about their workplace culture, opportunities for career advancement, image, working conditions, wages/salaries, and diversity.

Survey topics also included family support, flexibility, parental leave, pay equity, discrimination, and representation.

The surveys were conducted in March and April, as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting but before its economic impact was fully felt.

A Tuesday press release from OSF states 77% of its company leaders (manager and above) are women, and over 41% of its cabinet of senior vice presidents and above is made up of women.

OSF Sacred Heart Vice President Jennifer Compton said she and Chief Nurse Officer Molly Nicholsonwere ‘home-grown’ at OSF and were “the ladies of the leadership team.”

“Both of us have 30 years of experience with OSF and our legacy companies that were owned before OSF, and I think that shows their commitment and I certainly have felt very welcome by OSF as a leader,” she said. “A lot of development goes into leaders for OSF and I think certainly as women we appreciate that commitment to our success.”

Compton added they feel blessed to be there, and women were very much represented in their management team.

“Certainly, in healthcare, that it is definitely seen as women-led and women-charged, and I think that’s a wonderful thing in our workforce.”

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