OSF Children’s Hospital receives national recognition


PEORIA, Ill. (WCIA) — OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois has been honored for its pediatric nephrology services in a nationwide survey.

According to a Tuesday press release from OSF, U.S. News & World Report has ranked OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois Nephrology as one of the top 50 pediatric facilities in the United States.

Mike Wells, president of OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois, said nephrology focuses on diseases and infections that affect the kidneys

“One of the most common things that brings pediatric patients in is high blood pressure,” Wells said. “Often, high blood pressure is one of the first signs of kidney disease or kidney malfunction.”

He added it was a great honor for their children’s hospital to have been recognized as one of the top pediatric facilities in the nation.

“We’re very proud of the hard work that requires to be ranked as one of the top children’s hospitals,” Wells said. “It requires a high level of care and attention to detail to keep infection rates low and patient outcomes positive, so we’re very proud of our pediatric nephrologists and their team for their work.”

Wells said about 200 hospitals participate in the survey, which is held annually.

“They look at clinical outcomes, so how are your patients doing in terms of improvements in their conditions,” he said. “They look at infection rates, so are you keeping your patients as healthy as possible, and are you helping them manage diseases and chronic conditions well. They do look to some degree at patient experience. They look at the overall structure of the program, and so the number of physicians that you have and the integrity of your program in terms of the kinds of training that people have, and kinds of staff that you have access to through your program.

“So it’s really a comprehensive survey that makes sure that the program is structured well and following best practices in terms of disease treatment and that your patients are actually doing well and getting better.”

Wells also gave credit to their partners at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, adding their physicians work closely with the school.

“We really share this honor together.”

He said they also share that honor with the central Illinois community as their children’s hospital.

“There’s no better work to be part of than caring for children and helping the sickest children get better and have the best life possible.”

“OSF Children’s Hospital has a long standing commitment to excellent care for children. We continuously improve those critical pediatric services and it is rewarding to have this significant recognition of our efforts. We are proud of our dedicated faculty and clinical staff, who play a major role in achieving the good outcomes we are being recognized for. Their compassion and devotion to our patients led to this honor.”

Mike Wells, OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois President

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