Organizations get money to improve technology access


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund has given out $22,750 to improve access to technology.

Four organizations were given part of the money to help serve their community in new ways. “It is no longer a luxury to have access to a computer or tablet said Sue Grey, President/CEO United Way of Champaign County. “It is an economic and health necessity. But for too many, essential technology has been out of reach. Through these grants we aim to reduce the disparity in access to technology.”

The Developmental Services Center in Champaign will receive $5,000. They will use the money to purchase tablets for people with disabilities living in group homes. The residents will be able to use the tablets to talk with their families and access telehealth services.

The group Drive to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males (DREAAM) will get $2,500 for laptops and printers. This way, staff can help students virtually with their educational programming.

Rosecrance will receive $5,250 to get telehealth communication devices. They will use that technology to help patients continue to receive services for mental health, substance abuse and treatment programs.

Finally, the Housing Authority of Champaign County will get $10,000 to purchase computers for Youthbuild program participants. Those participants will use the computers to complete their high school diploma and get involved in career training.

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