Mayor proposing loosening restrictions


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– The leader of one city in Central Illinois said he wants the governor to reconsider his reopening plans to help more businesses.

Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder has a proposal he wants the governor to look into that would help restaurants keep their lights on. Langfelder has already implemented some solutions to help local restaurants reopen while following social distancing guidelines but he said what he has done is not enough and several restaurants will not make it if they follow the plan as it’s currently laid out.

When the state moved into Phase Three, Springfield blocked off portions of streets downtown to allow restaurants in the city to accommodate outdoor seating. Langfelder said restaurants still are not bringing in the income they need. He wants the governor to consider allowing restaurants to operate at 30 percent capacity now rather than waiting for 50 percent capacity in Phase Four.

“I thought a better step if you are looking at the metrics is go half way there, up to 30 percent. The reason for that is then you would be able to tell if there is any escalation in coronavirus cases just going with that smaller margin but it would give restaurants the economy relief they need just with that smaller margin.”

The mayor said he plans to continue following the governor’s plan but he says as long as the city doesn’t see a big increase in cases within the coming days, he hopes the governor will take this into consideration.

We reached out to the governor’s office about Langfelder’s proposal.
His press secretary tell us quote: “The governor is committed to the Restore Illinois plan as is right now. It’s proving that it is working.”

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