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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– AAA is forecasting that many people still plan to travel sometime this summer. They are expecting around 700 million people in America to take a trip, mostly by car.
Some people are still asking if it safe to travel. Experts are warning you to stay if you do.

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives including vacations.
Triple a expects only 15 million to travel by air this summer compared to 683 million who are opting for the highway. Experts said they do not expect people to stray too far from home.

“97 percent of the people will be taking their trip by the way of a car,” said Molly Hart, a spokeswoman for AAA. “People are planning their trips two-seven days. They’re not looking long-term, they are thinking kind of last minute and they plan on taking their trip by car and most of them are going in the 300 mile radius of where there home is.”

Health and safety are on the minds of many as states and methods of transportation begin to ease restrictions. On top positive cases connected to bars and restaurants, some counties said the caught a ride a back home with those who vacationed.

“We’ve had a few more numbers now than we’ve had in a while. Partially from seeing people traveling. People get out, they want to go. Visiting family may be safe with a few people but if you get out and you’re looking for the crowd on the beaches or those kind of things, it can be scary. So people need to be aware of that, of the risks and try to reduce them,” said Gail O’Neill, Sangamon County Department Of Public Health director.

An AAA travel survey found 37 percent of people surveyed in Illinois canceled their travel plans altogether because of the pandemic but most of those still plan to make a trip say they will bring cleaning supplies, a move experts could help you stay safe combined with other practices.

“We also found 72 percent of our Illinois residents will follow our CDC guidelines and practice social distance. So they will be wearing a mask and washing their hands and following guidelines the cCDC has put forth,” Hart said.

AAA also recommends downloaded their TripTik app. The app provides directions to destinations along with helpful resources like gas stations, restaurants and hotels along the route.

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