Viscofan employee confirmed to have COVID-19


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – An employee who works for Danville’s Viscofan manufacturing plant has tested positive for COVID-19.

A company memo submitted to WCIA Tuesday by an anonymous worker stated the Vermilion County Health Department advised Viscofan that one of their employees was confirmed to have gotten the virus. It also stated the company “immediately implemented our risk mitigation plan in an effort to contain further spreading.”

They interviewed employees who were in contact with the affected individuals, per their corporate COVID-19 management guidelines. “As a precautionary measure,” the document stated, “and although not symptomatic, we sent two employees home with pay to quarantine.”

In the memo, the company asked all employees to continue practicing social distancing, regularly using hand sanitizer and disinfecting their workspaces. The memo added they are in the process of implementing temperature checks for all workers as they enter the facility.

“We have been through this and will continue to address individual concerns about reporting to work during this crisis,” the memo continued. “Additionally, for employees with child care needs, we are making every effort to accommodate work schedules, use vacation time, and finally go home without pay or attendance points.”

It added their employees all must remain calm, work as a team, and remain diligent about their “highly essential hygiene practices.”

Tim Miller, President of the United Commercial Food Workers Union Local 686 said in an emailed statement they were very sorry the first case of COVID-19 in their county occurred at their facility.

“Our goal is to work with the company to ensure maximum effort is utilized to protect all employees,” he said. “This is not an issue of Union versus Company. Both sides need to work together to minimize any further outbreaks.”

Miller added they encourage their employees to continue to adhere to safety guidelines that have been put in place.

“All of the people at Viscofan need to protect ourselves as well as our families.  We will keep our fellow employee in our thoughts and prayers as well as hoping for a successful recovery.”

Viscofan’s facility in Danville produces casings for the food industry. They have a staff of about 350.

A representative from Viscofan was not available for comment Tuesday evening.

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