State rep calls for Pritzker to be recalled


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR)– East Dundee Representative Allen Skillicorn made a move to recall Governor Pritzker from office Tuesday. It comes after the representative said constituents have reached their breaking point with the stay at home order and issues with unemployment.

Skillcorn filed an affidavit Tuesday to kick start his effort to remove Governor Pritzker from office.
While Skillicorn said he has disagreed with the governor’s order from day one over the designations of businesses being deemed essential or unessential, he said it’s the issues with the state’s unemployment system and the lack of fixes to correct the system that actually led him to take this action.

“The governor really has not come clean on this. The governor has not addressed this. This is his one job, he has one job and it’s to fix this and he has been totally neglectful about this.
He’s given up on the people of Illinois by calling them non-essential. Well, sorry governor. They’re not non-essential, you are,” said Skillicorn.

In order to send this effort to the state board of elections Skillicorn would need the backing of at least twenty representatives with support from each party. Right now, he said he only knows of three other House Republicans who support this.

“After many years of representatives like that one, voting to have a budget stalemate for two years and which we had no budget and no funding for our budget in the state and has consistently voted against budgets that would fund vital agencies that we now frankly need very badly in this pandemic,” said Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Skillicorn would also need the support of at least five Democrats and five Republicans in the senate.
Governor Pritzker addressed Skillicorn’s claims by bringing up his voting record saying he is quote
“Glad the representative apparently has changed his mind and now believes that we ought to fund state government instead of hollowing it out the way he has voted over the course of his career.”

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