CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Bar managers are excited at the prospect of outdoor seating, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Bar and restaurants are getting ready to seat people outside at the end of next week, but some say they don’t even know if it will be worth it to open.

For Esquire General Manager Higgins, the possibility of outdoor seating, come May 29, is encouraging, but he says, accommodating for pedestrian traffic and distance between tables possibly won’t give them enough customers space to profit.

“We’re trying to urge the city to potentially close down Walnut Street, that way some businesses around here can put some tables out,” said Higgins.

Esquire has been offering curbside pickup at the downtown Champaign bar, but it’s only generating 10 to 20 percent of what they normally make.

“A large percentage of our sales comes from alcohol much more than food, so we really need to get back to it,” said Higgins.

Campustown bar, Kam’s, on the other hand, hasn’t been doing regular curbside service. Their new, Green Street location had to close after only opening for a month and a half. They hope to be able to open their patio upstairs, but General Manager Jason Reda says it’s unclear how they’re supposed to do it.

“Obviously, they’re gonna want some distancing, masks, whatever it is. We’re all on board for whatever it calls for,” said Reda.

But for them, like Esquire and many others, it’s a matter of deciding if it’s worth it.

“There’s just a million questions we all have in town, I’m guessing, as far as how we’re supposed to operate, and we’re a little over a week away from when we’re supposed to operate,” said Reda.

City leaders say they are working with businesses on an individual basis. They will consider closing some minor streets to add outdoor seating, but they don’t plan to close any major roads.

There is a new website with guidelines for businesses. It also has a safe pledge businesses can sign.