Pro-life group files latest lawsuit over the stay-at-home order


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– Governor Pritzker is facing another lawsuit. Gyms, salons, a state lawmaker and political parties have all sued him over the stay at home order.
This time a pro-life group says its ready for its day in court. Illinois Right to Life is the latest group to file a lawsuit.

The pro-life organization says the order violates their freedom to assemble.
The groups said early on, they strictly followed the order by cancelling rallies, training events and panels like others groups that have taken their cause to court. Illinois Right to Life leaders said seeing the governor protest led them to seek permission to gather without the fear of being punished.

“None of this is to argue whether or not he has a right to do that because we believe he absolutely does and we support his right to support those causes. But we also believe that we should have that same right. So we want to go about this in a legal way as opposed to just breaking the order. So that’s why we filed the lawsuit,” said Mary Kate Knorr, Illinois Right to Life executive director.

The group said many of their teachings are more effective in person so they hope the courts will rule in their favor.

The center representing the group is also handling the state GOP’s case against the governor.
A motion to temporarily stop the enforcement of the order will be heard in federal court Monday morning.

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