Over 200 COVID-19 cases reported at V.A. Illiana Health Care System


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — As of Monday, there are 42 active cases of coronavirus at the V.A. Illiana Health Care System (HCS) in Danville.

That number includes 33 veterans and nine employees.

The cumulative number of cases reported by the facility is 224.

Three of the cases are fatal, and 179 are listed as ‘convalescent’ — or recovering post-illness.

Forty-two employee cases, one veteran-employee case, and 136 veteran cases are convalescent.

The Department of Veteran Affairs manages a COVID-19 national summary webpage. Click here to view it.

Nationwide, 72,358 cases have been reported by the V.A.

Over 5,000 are still active, including 4,722 veterans. Fifty-eight V.A. employees have died.

The V.A. North Chicago HCS has the largest number of reported cases in Illinois: 2,022. One-hundred-eighteen cases are active. One employee there has died.

A representative for the V.A. Illiana HCS says case counts are not the best measure of how the virus is affecting their patients, “because those numbers always increase over time and never decrease.”

“The best measure of how COVID-19 is affecting VA patients is the rate of hospitalizations, which are decreasing nationally and continue to be at their lowest point of the pandemic,” the V.A. Illiana says.

The following figures on veteran hospitalization rates nationwide were provided by the V.A. Illiana HCS:

MonthHospitalization Rate
July 17%
October (through 10/19)15%

The V.A. says it’s continuing to screen veterans and staff who present with COVID-like symptoms, and who meet the Centers for Disease Control criteria for evaluation of COVID-19 infections.

“Per CDC guidance and VA protocols, individuals known to be at risk for a COVID-19 infection are immediately isolated to prevent potential spread to others,” the V.A. says.

It adds the V.A. Illiana HCS has adequate testing supplies to meet current demand.

Doug Toole, Vermilion County Public Health Administrator announced Monday 21 additional cases have been confirmed. A total of 1,507 cases have been reported in Vermilion County, with 177 still active.

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