Lawmakers criticize Restore Illinois plan

Illinois Capitol Dome

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — For weeks, lawmakers pushed for the state to reopen on a regionalized basis, but now that the governor is moving along with his regionalized Restore Illinois plan, they feel that the regions are far too big.

The Restore Illinois plan splits the state into four regions.

Some municipal leaders from across the state have pushed back against the map, with counties in the north being upset that they are lumped in with Chicago, and downstate counties feeling like they do not need to wait to start the third phase.

“The other 3 regions in the state should already be in Phase 3,” Republican Representative Avery Bourne said.  “That May 29th is an arbitrary date that is set by his own political calculations of his own executive order. If you are going to set guidelines for how regions should move, then I think you should follow those guidelines.”

Currently, three of those regions are on pace to move to phase three by the end of May.

But even democrats from the metro east area feel the governor’s plan could ease up a bit, and move on to the next phase now instead of waiting for two more weeks.

But the governor is sticking to his 14 day timetables.

The Restore Illinois plan says that the four regions were drawn using the 11 emergency medical service regions, but the Pritzker has not released the exact parameters used to cut those 11 regions into four.

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