Daycare providers show concern over new responsibilities during pandemic


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Daycare providers are worried about the new responsibilities they will have to take on as schools start during the pandemic.

They are under a time-crunch to figure out how to balance taking care of the kids and tackling e-learning. This week, the Champaign school district released more details about its reopening. But parents said it is not specific enough to plan their lives around e-learning.

School district have an enormous responsibility to maintain students’ education during the pandemic. But with many schools incorporating e-learning from home, that also puts a burden on parents and daycare centers. “Parents are going to choose work. They have to pay bills and feed their children. They’ll choose work over staying home to do e-learning for 2.5-5 hours.” So when kids get dropped off at daycare, that leaves daycare providers to monitor and supervise a child’s e-learning.

“We’re just a small little daycare center. We don’t have the internet capabilities and connection to maintain 29 kids being on the computers all day.”

While the daycare provider WCIA talked to did not want to go on camera, she did want to share some concerns she has. “We’re not certified school teachers, we’re early childhood teachers and after-school providers. We’re not qualified to be teaching K-5th grade.” She wishes the Champaign School district had staggered and spaced out the times when the kids can do e-learning so they can keep all the kids they normally would. “The minute they said they have to be on at certain times, I thought ‘We’re out, we can’t do that.'”

With school starting next month, the Champaign district is still working out the logistics of class schedules. “The schools have released nothing about what to expect. They only released tentative times and an example schedule of what to expect.”

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