County board discusses options for addressing budget shortfall


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Macon County Board is expected to discuss how to make up for shortfalls in their budget after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During their regular meeting on Thursday, the county board is expected to vote on a resolution to adopt a plan to manage their general fund revenue short falls. If passed, the plan calls for a recommendation that each county department/office “consider and make every attempt to abide” each of their recommendations to help their “financial situation” Those recommendations include:

  • Each month, the Auditor will develop a goal for reductions in expenses for the General Fund as a whole for the next month based on sales tax projections as well as projections for reductions in general fund fees and other revenue.
  • Officeholders/department heads will reduce expenses within their office for the next month to meet the Auditor’s provided goal. If a step does not meet the goal, the officer holder/dept. head is asked to move to the next step. Those steps include:
    • 1. Reduce non-payroll expenses
    • 2. Offer retirement packages where appropriate.
    • 3. Move expenses to the Law Enforcement Safety Tax where appropriate
    • 4. Move expenses to other funds that are available to the office where appropriate
    • 5. Explore options to reallocate the funding source for employee(s) to other funds available to the office.
    • 6. Explore options for internal borrowing on a short-term basis to be repaid by November 30
    • 7. Offer voluntary furloughs with health insurance
    • 8. Officer voluntary furloughs without health insurance
    • 9. Mandatory furloughs with health insurance
    • 10. Layoffs
  • The Auditor will report reduction details to the Finance Committee and the county board at monthly meetings.
  • Shortfalls in revenue or savings beyond revenue loss will be rolled over into the next month’s projections.

The recommendation said this process would repeat each month until the end of the fiscal year or until the state reaches the final phase of the Restore Illinois Plan.

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