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January 21 2022 10:00 am

Viewer Storm Pics From 04/08/20 – Gallery


Heather Kirby - Tuscola

Tracy Marler - Grade school in Bement, Chimney blown off roof

Theresa Saldana - Hoopeston The gift after the storm!

Tammie Messer - Tuscola Blown Trampoline

Amy Hartley Alexander‎ - Charleston Lightning

Steve Dramstad - Calm after the storm. Great lighting and a rainbow from Cherry Hills

Sonja Schwartz Miller - Parts of roof blowing up in La Hogue

Angela Stivers‎ - Just outside of Thomasboro

‎Sheila Motsinger-Bottoms‎ - Southwest of Middletown

Sharon Krukewitt‎ - Clouds in Charleston

Rosie Brandenburg

Carri Hansen - Clifton twisted new barn frame work

Ron Smith - Cerro Gordo

Richie Croy - Trampoline flipped in Atwood

Renee Endres Peetz - Urbana Sunset After Storm

Casey King - Westville Flipped Semi

Michael K Smeltzer‎ - After the storm in south Champaign

Megan Skaj - West Champaign

Chris Miller - Paris

‎Maxine Leffler Vail - Kansas

Matt Davis - Tree damge northeast of Oakland

‎Lyndsey Finn‎ - Greenup

Chris Nelson - NE of Lerna. My flagpole bit the dust and barn across the street lost south side of roof

Chris Nelson - NE of Lerna. My flagpole bit the dust and barn across the street lost south side of roof

Lori Bowald Zimmerman - Monticello

Laura Rathe‎ - Neoga Storm Clouds

Erin Shelly Purcell - Bement

Kim Campbell Finney‎ - Charleston The calm after the storm

Kerry Fearn - East of Charleston

Karissa Marshall‎ - Lightning

James Cripe - Tree Limbs Down in Southeast Monticello

Jody Turner Cole

Jamie Browning

James Spence - Homer Lightning

Jason Cassiday - Ashmore

James Mildenberger‎ - Rainbow Outside of Fithian

Hope Harper - Our yard in Milmine. Crazy wind

Holly Sloan Tarter‎ - Kansas

Kailee DuVall - Lightning in West Champaign

Gerald Tina Smith‎ - Mattoon After The Storm

Erica Tenango - South Cottage Grove Ave in Urbana

Erica Belshe - Power out in Villa Grove. Small tree limb fell down also

Kayla Goble - Rainbows

Emily Shoot - Lerna

Donna Niemann - Before the storm tonight in Effingham

Diane Puzey-Boyette‎ - Fairmount, after the storm comes peace

Krause Jeff - Storm damage at farm

Debbie Fillenwarth - There's hope it's over soon from east of Rantoul!

‎Dawn Johnson‎ - Danville

David Duchow‎ - Charleston

Kyle Wilcoxon‎ - Storm Brewing

Cory Willard - Strong winds in Sidney

Chuck Shaffer - 4 miles south east of Cerro Gordo. Nice end to some crazy winds and a dust storm.

Sheila Williams - Tree & Power Line Down in Monticello

Christy Sharp - Near Broadlands

Christina Ross - Tree down in Chestnut

Stacy Webb - Monticello Before & After Storm

Cheryl Ingram Peters - Hail

Caley Benner - Tuscola

Thelma Acree Lete‎ - Alvin Hail

Bev Nixon - This is my daughter's trampoline on her neighbors porch two doors down from her. Lost some of their roof she said

Traci Allison‎ - Hail in Alvin

‎Beth Greenwood Warner - Urbana After the storm

Wendy Edwards - Clouds

Andrea Dodd - Cisco