WCIA 3 Diaper Drive

Thank You for your Donations and Your Support

Your efforts in donating new / unopened packs of diapers for newborns and toddlers for the United Way’s Bottom Line Diaper Bank is what made this Founders Day a success. If you would still like to make a monetary donation to the cause, you can do so online using the button below.

About United Way’s Bottom Line Diaper Bank


Diapers are a basic need for ALL children. United Way’s Bottom Line Diaper Bank collects donations of disposable diapers year-round and then provides them free of charge to local programs serving low-income families. In this way, we’re helping families improve their bottom line financially while keeping babies clean and healthy. This benefits our whole community.


  • The Diaper Bank relies on donations from generous people to fill our shelves. We need your support!
  • Every month we distribute diapers to our twelve partner organizations. Those partners make sure diapers get to families in need!
  • In May we distributed almost 13,000 diapers, which is the most we’ve distributed in a single month!

What We Accept

  • We gratefully accept UNOPENED packages of diapers and wipes for babies and toddlers. We do not accept adult diapers. Diapers must be unopened for safety and quality reasons.
  • We will accept any size or brand of diapers and wipes. We are ESPECIALLY in need of newborn, size 5 and size 6.
  • There are many ways to give. You can donate unopened packs of diapers and wipes, purchase from our Amazon Wish List, or make a credit card gift online at UnitedWayChampaign.org/Give
  • We do not accept adult diapers. Diapers must be unopened for safety and quality reasons.

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Did you know?

  • One in three US parents struggle with diaper need – the inability to provide clean diapers for their baby.
  • A supply of clean diapers is required to attend most early childcare programs; without them, children miss out on educational opportunities and parents can’t attend work or school.
  • Diapers are not covered by WIC or SNAP benefits.
  • Families spend over $1,000 on diapers in the first year of a child’s life.
  • From newborn to 6 months, families use upwards of 220 diapers each month.
  • Babies left in dirty diapers for too long can become very sick. Frequent diaper changes prevent diaper rash, staph, urinary infections, and other serious diseases. An ample supply of clean diapers is a basic need.
  • We believe we can make the biggest impact for low-income families by providing disposable diapers. Many families that the Diaper Bank serves do not have access to laundry facilities in their homes or shelter AND do not have access to a personal vehicle. This means that to use cloth diapers, families would have to load up dirty diapers and take public transportation to the laundromat nearly every day. Additionally, some daycare providers do not allow cloth diapers.
  • “Low-income families spent 13.9 percent of their income on diapers in 2014. For the years 2004 to 2014, this quintile spent a far larger share of their income on diapers than any of the other quintiles, roughly 2 to 2.75 times greater than the next poorest quintile. It’s clear that the cost of diapers disproportionately hurt the poor. While many in the bottom two quintiles are helped by social programs, the necessity of diapers, the frequency of their use, and their high costs, add up to a significant burden for these households.”  Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics