Say ‘so long’ to same day registration

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Update: 4:30 pm, 9/29/16, Thursday 

ILLINOIS — The federal court will not allow the state to appeal a decision to block same-day voter registration.

The Attorney General issued an appeal this week in the effort to overturn the decision. A judge said the law favors urban areas and dilutes the votes of rural citizens.

Mike Madigan’s office argued the court is causing harm by blocking all Illinois’ voters from registering at their polling places on Election Day, but the judge says the court did not restrict the rights of any voters; the legislation did. 

Original: 4:00 pm, 9/27/16, Tuesday

ILLINOIS — People who wish to sign up and vote on Election Day will no longer have that option at their polling site.

A judge ruled no polling place can offer it because not every site is able to.

State law did allow populations of 100,000 people or more to offer same day registration.

Election officials say this could create more problems.

There could be longer lines at county board offices on Election Day.

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