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CENTRAL ILLINOIS — The Illinois primary is in two days. Many are making their final decisions before they hit the polls. Several candidates are making stops in Central Illinois leading up to the primary. Amid rallies and protests, voters have just one more day to weigh their options. 

Most voters have already made up their minds. Some have taken advantage of the early voting option. With the primary election just around the corner, a lot of people have one thing on their mind.

“I’m just kind of focusing on the presidential campaign.”

“I think mostly the presidential election.”

” I usually focus on the presidential election.”

Some people are concerned about issues at the local level; like those in Saint Joseph.

“I am interested in the firehouse vote, you know, the funds they need, the budget stuff.”

In Monticello you can see signs on nearly every street asking people to vote yes to building a new high school.

“For the most part, two biggest things on my mind right now are the presidential race, and then the referendum. That’s dear to my heart.”

Jeannine Adomaitis says she votes in every primary election and Election Day is something she looks forward to.

“For me, I just like the feeling of going to the polling place and doing my civic duty right there in the booth, so that’s my reason.”

Others don’t like to wait until the middle of March and fill out an early voting ballot instead.

“You don’t have to wait for a certain day. It’s not crowded. Just go over to the courthouse and get a ballot and vote. I always want to make sure I get my vote in and I didn’t know if I’d be busy this week.”

A lot of people who filled out a ballot on UI’s campus feel the same way. The Illini Union accepted more than 1,900 early voting ballots.

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten says that’s more than double compared to previous primaries.

“I have talked to a few people who said they voted early, but most of the people I know are just waiting until the fifteenth.”

Most people say it doesn’t matter when you vote, as long as the time eventually comes. 

“Try to make it a point, and take the time to get out there and vote in the primaries and exercise my right and my freedom. It’s a privilege and responsibility as a American.”

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