Mental health challenges affect 63 million Americans annually. Treatments range from medication to meditation to counseling. But, an alternate form of healing lets your fingers do the walking.

The new and improved Mary Stump eats well and smiles often. 

“I’m 64 and I’m aging backwards now.”

But, the road to happiness was a rough one, littered with grief, misery and a brain tumor.

“Five people died in three years and my daughter and I were the only survivors.”

Instead of using medication to cope, Mary turned to a holistic therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. While meditating on her stress, she gently taps on meridian endpoints.

Holistic health coach Suzette Roth says it’s like acupuncture, without the needles.

“We tap on the variety of points on the face and the collarbone and what that does is, little by little, we’ll clear out all the negativity.”

There are almost half a million instructional videos on YouTube.

“It really gives frustration a voice, so you’re not shoving it somewhere in your body, in your heart or in your head.”

But, is tapping really therapy or is it trickery? In the book Trick or Treatment, physicist Simon Singh said it is nothing more than a placebo, but a National Institute of Health study rejects that saying, after just six sessions, psychological distress plummeted in veterans with PTSD.

But, Mary didn’t need a study to tell her it works.

“It’s really opened me up.”

“It’s non-addictive, it’s, you know, you’re not going to harm yourself. You’re going to heal.”

A stress buster right at her fingertips. Roth says tapping can have an immediate benefit and, if done daily, can change someone’s entire demeanor.

If you want to start, just go to YouTube and search EFT. There are thousands of videos to walk you through it.