Staying informed with apps


Most news outlets try to break the biggest stories, but there are some which are posting fake stories with outlandish headlines to grab your attention.

If you come across something like this, make sure you take a closer look at the article before believing it to be true.

First, identify the author or the company posting the story. Ask yourself if you’ve heard of them. Are they known for any other credible news stories and do they clearly state their source?

Pay attention to words used in a story. Is the report stating a fact in an objective way or just stating opinions and being subjective?

You also need to make sure the website is reliable. Is it from a business’ homepage or the school’s online portal, or is the article coming to you on a disorganized website with little news background?

Being a savvy internet user doesn’t just keep you well informed, it also keeps those around you properly informed.

The way we get our news is changing daily and technology is playing a huge role. James Blankenship, with Verizon Wireless, joins us.

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