Staying informed this political season


Some might think millennials don’t keep as up-to-speed with news as other generations, but a study by the American Press Institute and the Associated Press found about 69% of millennials actually get their news daily; just in a different way.

The study shows, instead of sitting down to watch the news every night, they’re seeking it out as part of their daily lives; whether it be social media, entertainment or social action.

These 18 – 34 year olds are even turning away from following the latest celebrity gossip in favor of hard news. About 45% of those surveyed say they follow four to five hard news stories a day.

Even more will follow stories about politics, their community and social issues rather than stories about celebrities or fashion.

Considering the country is less than 100 days away from a presidential election, everyone seems to have politics on their minds. But, not all political news is created equally.

Dr. Thomas Rudolph, with the University of Illinois, joins us.

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