Simple ways to eat better

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Every five years, the USDA releases dietary guidelines for government programs like school lunches. The USDA suggests focusing on “eating patterns” instead of specific nutrients; basically, look at the big picture.

It includes cutting down on added sugar intake. It should account for less than 10% of total daily calories.

They also say cholesterol is no longer a concern for over-consumption and recommend coffee is linked with health benefits. But, limit yourself to five cups per day.

Protein should also be limited and work on incorporating other ways of getting protein, rather than just red meat.

For many, fad diets offer a quick, seemingly easy way to lose weight, but doctors say the temporary measures only produce temporary results. So, in order to maintain a healthy weight, you need to make a lifestyle change in diet and exercise. 

They say short-term weight loss plans also present greater health risks because they can eliminate much-needed nutrients or introduce ingredients which can be harmful.

The only way to figure out what change you need is to talk about it with your primary care physician. They’ll help decode the diet which is best for you and might suggest a registered dietitian to develop a plan for long-term management.

Ladonna Jenkins, a registered dietitian with Carle, joins us now.

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