Hammerhead Coffee


Before you go throwing away your coffee grounds, you might want to think twice about what else they could be used for.

The first is actually something a lot of women have been using recently. Studies show coffee grounds actually reduce cellulite on your body.

So, they’re using it as a substitute for body wash. It exfoliates skin and leaves you feeling fresh.

You can also use it to deodorize your fridge. Just place a bowl of dry grounds in your frig or freezer. It will neutralize any smells left by stale or spoiled food.

It’s also great for cleaning pots and pans. All of us have trouble getting grease off something after cooking. But, if you place a few teaspoons of grounds on a thing cleaning rage, it’ll clean off grease and grime. You can finish with a rinsing and you’ve got yourself some clean dishes.

We’re checking out Hammerhead Coffee with owner Todd Thorstenson and Sofia Yotis, general manager.


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