URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – University of Illinois Police arrested a suspect in connection to several cases of burglary and theft on Monday.

Police said James A. Algee, 56, was arrested as a result of investigations into three cases throughout October:

  • Oct. 1: A U of I student reported an apartment burglary in the area of South Fifth Street and East Healey Street in Champaign. The student’s wallet and a backpack had been stolen from his residence overnight. A notification later informed him that his credit card had been used at a Circle K convenience store in Urbana.
  • Oct. 21: Another apartment burglary occurred in the same area, where another U of I student reported that his wallet had been taken from his apartment overnight. The student was notified that his credit card had been used at a Circle K in Champaign. Officials said that Algee was linked to information collected by both Circle K stores.
  • Oct. 29: A U of I student reported that he was approached by a man asking for $60 in gas money at the Illini Union (1401 West Green Street, Urbana). The man said he would use CashApp to pay the student back. The student handed over the cash and the man left. The student tried to transfer the $60 CashApp payment to his bank account, but the transaction was denied. Officers said that based on the student’s description of the man, they identified Algee as a suspect.

On Nov. 6, Algee was seen walking in the area of West University Avenue and North Harvey Street in Urbana by a U of I Police officer familiar with all three cases. During a police interview, Algee said that he used stolen credit cards at the Circle K stores and that he was connected to the Illini Union incident.

U of I Police arrested Algee on charges of possession of stolen credit cards, wire fraud and theft.