A list of all contest winners during the last 12 months for contests administered by WCIA 3 and WCIX are listed below. This list is being continuously updated. Information was provided by the winners in each case.

Athlete of the Week: Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

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ciGiving Sweepstakes on ciLiving

Jenny Salazar; Mahomet, IL
Robert Davis; Danville, IL
Claire Heyman; Paxton, IL
Rabecca Palmer; Champaign, IL
Mike Berl; Champaign, IL
Connie McCord; Metcalf, IL
Dawn Richardson; Tolono, IL
Sheila Kite; Urbana, IL
Donna Boyd; Lincoln, IL
Phil Pointer; Rantoul, IL
Kathy Henry; Champaign, IL
Diana Clark; Villa Grove, IL
Betty Phalen; Arthur, IL

Out of the Rain Sweepstakes

Kate Imig; Clinton, IL
Kim Leigh; Champaign, IL
Dennis Tavenner; Buckley, IL
Karen Richter; Oakwood, IL
Harold Reetz; Monticello, IL
Pam Britz; Gibson City, IL
Brenda Zook; Champaign, IL
Samantha Ghibaudy; Westville, IL
Wanda Crouse; Villa Grove, IL
Clint Thrasher; Mahomet, IL
Barbara Ford; Savoy, IL
Joanne Beesley; Rantoul, IL
Wanda Baird; Gibson City, IL
Casey Duniphin; Charleston, IL
Michele Lovell; Effingham, IL
Judy Meyers; Arcola, IL
Heather Bode; Gibson City, IL
Ann Williams; Savoy, IL
Rhonda Allee; Mattoon, IL
Duane Brewer; Clinton, IL
Lori Archer; Villa Grove, IL
Suzanne Picklesimer; Urbana, IL
Marty Stamm; Champaign, IL
Leanna Helmuth; Mahomet, IL

Morning Mug Club

Michael Heiniger; Monticello, IL
Gary Wilson; Champaign, IL
Tonya Flavin; Ivesdale, IL
Mary Spillers; Fithian, IL
Jody Andelman; Springfield, IL
Joni Casteel; Newton, IL

Jersey Boys Sweepstakes

Cindi Haake; Tuscola, IL

A Night of Divas – Diana Ross Sweepstakes

Tameana Evans; Danville, IL
Patrick Tieman; Bement, IL
Carl Lohmeyer; Newman, IL
Kerry Frerichs; Urbana, IL
Kathy Stiebner; Champaign, IL
Patricia Early; Rantoul, IL
Thomas Schweska; Illiopolis, IL

Magnificent Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

Julie Fugate; Mahomet, IL

Finding Neverland

Madeline Gibson; Villa Grove, IL

Kinky Boots Ticket Sweepstakes

Karen Andrews; Tolono, IL;

Basketball Madness 2019

3/17/19 – 4/14/19
Mike Rook; Monticello, IL
Kevin Fetters; Buckley, IL
Carol Guideman; Monticello, IL
David Kempe; Champaign, IL
Tracy Ford; Melvin, IL
Bryce Harris; Paxton, IL
Carol Gudeman; Monticello, IL
Luke Eads; Savoy, IL
Christy Gale; Sidell, IL

Athlete of the Week: Spring 2019

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Athlete of the Week: Fall 2018 – Winter 2019

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