Teenager saves baby’s life


Decatur, Ill. (WCIA) —

“She was thanking me and all that. It was a good response. The baby was smiling at me. That kind of made me feel good,” Chase Eller said.

A teenage boy is being called a hero after saving the life of a baby. The 16- year old Sullivan High School student jumped into action Friday night.

In a restaurant full of adults, a teenager stepped up to help a choking baby. Chase Eller says he was nervous, but his adrenaline took over and he knew what to do.

“I didn’t really think this would ever happen to me, but it did,” Eller said.

What started as a normal Friday night for 16-year old Chase Eller changed drastically. Eller was at dinner with his girlfriend in Decatur when a baby started choking.

“The baby was coughing and choking, obviously I knew the baby was having trouble breathing,” Eller said.

He saw the mom panicking and incorrectly trying to help the choking baby. So Eller sprung into action.

“My job was to help this baby and try to potentially save this baby’s life,” Eller said.

He performed the Heimlich Maneuver and saved the baby’s life.

“With Coach Bales’ class, my health teacher, I knew what not to do,” Eller said.

Coach Scott Bale has been teaching C-P-R training At Sullivan High School since 2015. He says its fulfilling knowing his students were listening.

“I mean I was choked up I really was. It was one of those deals where I found out this morning,” Coach Bale said.

Eller says his adrenaline was pumping, but he knew what to do during a crisis because he had see it first hand.

“I didn’t really think. I just responded and I felt like that’s what my dad would do, or you know what first responders would do,” Eller said.

Eller says he learned how to respond to emergencies by watching hid dad, who is a police officer. His parents were shocked when they found out, but not surprised by their son’s heroic act.

“We were really, really proud of him that night. Very proud. My husband and I couldn’t believe that he had stepped in, especially since he said there were adults in the restaurant,” Chase’s mom, Amy Eller said.

Eller hopes that more people become CPR certified. He says its a matter of when it will happen to you, not if.

“This really is something you need to learn and it’s something you’re going to use,” Chase Eller said.

Eller was very humble and didn’t tell many people. When his school got wind, his principal called him down to thank him.

If you see a baby choking, you should first ask for permission to help. Rest your forearm on your leg and put the child facedown. Then use the bottom part of your hand to gently hit the infant on the back five times to hopefully dislodge any stuck foods.

If the baby is still unresponsive, that’s when you should start CPR.

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