Paris, Ill. (WCIA) — With family business in their blood, a trio of sisters saw a need in their community and decided to fill it. 

That need led to Ellie and Olive Children’s Boutique. 

“When Pia got pregnant with Ellie we decided that there wasn’t really anywhere around us that had baby clothes or children’s clothes,” explained Teresa Twigg, a co-owner and middle sister. “You either had to go 30 minutes away or even farther. We thought that why not bring us to Paris.”  

These sisters did, using a family-owned business blueprint. 

“We have a good support system and good role models,” said Pia Krieger, co-owner and eldest sister.  

The youngest sister, Franceska Twigg, also a co-owner, recently graduated from high school.

“Our family actually owns Joe’s Pizza down the road, so we grew up with them teaching us how to work and good work ethic. And we decided we wanted to do this, so our mom and our grandpa said, ‘what do you need?’” 

They got the support they needed and opened the boutique in November – just in time for the holiday shopping rush. 

“We got all great feedback,” Twigg said. “Our community really supports us. Our family supports us, which is awesome. The first couple months were crazy. We had a ton of people in here. 

And then came covid-19. 

“We decided to close a little bit earlier than what the state actually mandated, I believe, because we were unsure what was gonna happen,” Krieger said. “And then we ended up closing and then we were able to open back up June 1.” 

While the doors were closed, the shop continued selling online. 

“Of course, when the pandemic happened, we tried to navigate our way through that,” Krieger explained. “We had to shutdown, going strictly to online and we still had a really, really good customer base keep hitting us up with the online orders and the Facebook orders, so it was really nice.” 

The sisters say, since they’re new business owners they want feedback from their customers; they want to know how they’re doing and what their customers are looking for. 

If you’re interested in checking out the store online you can visit Facebook or their website