PARIS, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s likely when you think of first responders, you automatically think of people who put others first. 

That explains the ethos of EMT Bobby Sinclair and Capt. Zack Janis.

So, when it came to raising money, Paris Charity Events started simply. 

“We loved playing co-ed softball,” explained Sinclair, an EMT with Horizon Health. “We had a ton of success with that. We had people coming from out of town, in town. We had huge turnout with the first one.”

Then, it grew. 

“We did a dodgeball tournament, and the rec center used to be the YMCA, now it’s the rec center,’ Sinclair said. “They used that money for their youth programs.” 

And grew. 

“We did an amazing race,” said Janis, a captain with the Paris Fire Dept. “We did that for the Shriners.  We, of course, do a murder mystery dinner for the Paul Warner Rescue. We’ve done that twice; fire department versus cops, guns and hoses-type of basketball game; Shop with a Cop the first year. From here on out we’ve been doing Christmas with a Kid. We’ve done some trivia nights, which were a lot of fun.” 

But don’t think for a moment Sinclair and Janis are doing this because there’s a lack giving in PariE or Edgar County. 

“Our goal with this charity was really just to promote people and to promote things that are already doing well in the community,” Janis explained. “You already have people like Paul Warner, like Restoring Hope, and all these different places. They’re already doing great works in the community. Let’s just see how we can promote them; how can we help them?” 

And at the end of the day, they say, they’re doing good work, but you can do it in your backyard, too. 

“There is no reason that anybody who wants to help their community anywhere: Terre Haute, Marshall, Casey, anywhere in the world,” Sinclair said. “If you want to do this, it’s not hard. We’re not the dumbest kids or the smartest, but we’ve had success. If there’s anybody else that ever wanted to do that, get on Facebook, look us up, ask us questions.”