CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — “My main goal now is just trying to find a place to stay because I’m homeless now,” Latrice Jones said.

That’s because flames destroyed her home right after she moved in. The fire happened on South State Street near West John Street in Champaign. Nobody was hurt, but the damage is devastating.

From the outside the house looks livable, but just days ago the inside was on fire. Now, one family does not have their belongings or a place to live.

“Its just pretty much gone. In less than 48 hours. Everything I had is gone,” Jones said.

A family is now homeless with only a garbage bag left of their belongings. A fire destroyed their home two days after they moved in.

“I went from being okay to having nothing and I’m really, really sad. Depressed,” Jones said.

Latrice Jones and her son moved into their Champaign home on Monday. Jones, her friends and family were unpacking boxes Wednesday. She decided to put a frozen pizza in the oven, seconds later, her house was on fire.

“I run straight down the stairs and I get to the kitchen and I’m looking like oh my god there’s black smoke everywhere,” Jones said.

She opened the oven door and saw flames. Everyone quickly ran outside and jones called 9-1-1.

“It pretty much happened really, really fast. There had to be something wrong with that stove. There’s no way I turned it on to put it on 300 degrees to put a frozen pizza in there, and five seconds later the house is on fire,” Jones said.

Now, the house is condemned.

“Ceilings everything is gone. Its just burnt down and you had to bust out the windows to kind of let some of the smoke out to get even see what they were doing, but I have nothing,” Jones said.

Jones and her son, who has autism, are now homeless and looking for a permanent place to stay.

“He’s confused. He kept trying to run back into the burning house because he didn’t understand why we were standing outside because we pretty much just snatched him out of bed to get him out,” Jones said.

Now, she’s stuck not knowing what to do.

“My life changed. I went from being okay to living out of a garbage bag and its devastating,” Jones said.

Jones is currently looking for a new rental. She is staying at a hotel and visiting friends for the time being. She has a gofundme set up. That link is below.

A fire in Maroa-Forsyth has left another family without a home. They were on vacation in Arizona when a fire destroyed their home. There is also a gofundme set up for them. That link is below.