GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — Gibson city has seen many changes over the past eight years.  

It was an effort spearheaded by the mayor that started with targeting vacant storefronts in town and a downtown revitalization committee. 

It included people young and old, from in town and out.  

They worked with an engineering firm in Champaign for months.  

The DNR granted the city $99,000 to help with the project.  

It’s a phased revitalization, which started with infrastructure and LED lighting.  

Mayor Daniel Dickey says the second part was somewhat unique. 

“The second phase was the music system,” he explained. “We installed a very nice music system, high quality, with a lot of different features. One thing about it that’s really nice, it’s not just the music: we can also advertise, so every several songs there’s a 15-second spot for a local business … in between the music.” 

The city hasn’t done the third phase because of COVID-19, but the plan includes flower planters, more trash receptacles and some other finishing touches. 

Mayor Dickey says there will likely be future phases added, but the city doesn’t borrow money. 

It saves for what it wants to accomplish.