Dodging cow pies at the 2019 Chrisman Cow Chip 5K


Chrisman, Ill. (WCIA)

This weekend, 30 Central Illinois high school cross country teams and 36 junior high teams competed in the 35th Annual Cow Chip 5K Race in Chrisman.

This unique event involves runners racing 3.1 miles through a pasture littered with cow chips. It’s a hilly, challenging course, where races are flighted. This means that each team’s 7th best runner starts at 9:00 am, and then the sixth best runners take off 15 minutes later, until the number one runners finally get to race. Boys and girls are all in the same race. They finish in different shoots.

Runner’s footprint in a cow chip.

ciLiving Storyteller Erin Valle was curious about this infamous course and decided to participate in the open race Saturday morning; documenting her experience mile by mile.

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